Top 10 Baby Travel Gear & Accessories

Top 10 Baby Travel Gear & Accessories

Traveling with a small baby can be intimidating, challenging and time consuming.

Here are top 10 baby travel gear & accessories to make your next adventures with your little one as safe and enjoyable as possible.

1. USB Diaper Backpack

When innovation, functional design and premium quality collide, the result is the NEW GENERATION diaper bag! 

Its travel design comes with various compartments including tissue slots, insulated bottle sleeves and a large storage slot for diapers and baby formula. The rust-proof plating on the zippers give them a rich finish as well as emphasise the bag's waterproof nature. (Tossing it into the lake or your bathtub doesn't count) :) 

2. Multifunctional Travel Baby Carrier

This multifunctional sling is all the baby carrier you'll ever need from 0 to 36 months. 

It's versatile features makes it easily adaptable to all the stages of your baby's development from birth until 36 months.

You can even use it as a hip seat for your little one.

3. Portable Netting Baby Bed

This portable baby netting bed is the perfect choice for those long summer nights at grandma's country-house.

Affordable, easy to set up, light-weight and comfortable, it keeps the mosquitos away from your precious one and allows him/her a calm and deep sleep.

4. Clean Hands Changing Mat

If you have ever had to change your baby's diaper on the airport floor, a dirty bathroom or other unhygienic places, than you understand the necessity of a changing pad that keeps your little guy’s arms contained while you change him.

Foldable, affordable and easy to carry.

5. Portable Folding High Chair

This portable high chair has easy to carry due to it's foldable feature, lightweight - it weighs 400 grams - and it turns into your best friend during snack and meal time due to it's versatility. Bon appetit!

6. Portable Inflatable Bath Tub

Splish, splash, it’s time for a bath! 

Whether you're in a hotel room with shower only, traveling to grandma or you just don't have a bathtub at home, this inflatable option is perfect to give your baby a nice splashy bath. don't forget the ducklings 

7. Wooden Camera Toy

Let little imaginations grow with wooden toys. 

No bells, no whistles, just a chance for them to discover their own memorable moments and explore their playtime stories.

Minimalist look, nordic design and huge imagination development potential.

8. Mesh Stroller Organiser

This mesh stroller organiser comes in very handy on those long city walks. 

It can store anything from blankets, to baby bottles, cups or mom's umbrella.

Affordable, practical and a good storage alternative.

9. Panda Wet Wipe Case Dispenser

Let's face it, babies are messy! 

So the handy wet wipe is now your best friend (and will be for many years to come)! This cute and practical panda wet wipes dispenser is a great way to take your wet wipes with you and hang them to your stroller or backpack.

Featuring a big button for easy, one-handed opening and a silicon strap to attach to pram or nappy bag and always make sure they are hands on. 

10. Shark Attack Sleeping Sack

This sleeping sack comes in very handy on those chilli nights when your little one needs to get warm and comfy. 

Adorable by looks, comfy by feel.

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